Atlantic Records

We worked with Atlantic Records on a new strategic positioning and brand identity to mark a new era for the label after celebrating 75 years.

The label approached us to help them articulate and express a new vision for brand and cultural transformation. We interviewed artists, A&Rs, Label Execs, Presidents and fans to create a reason for being for a label in 2024 and beyond.

Music to Movements

Atlantic Records exists to lift, shake and move the world forward through music. They turn music into movements with artists who move people. With stillness as an enemy, they thrive in constant motion.

A visual framework built from the shapes of the iconic logo gives new life and meaning to a new age where content and data are the building blocks for music.


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Experience Strategy, Motion Design, Organisational Shift

“Our enemy is stillness, we thrive in constant motion.”
“Atlantic Records impact with music doesn’t just help artists, it helps culture.”

“They went deep into our business to uncover valuable insights that drove the creative work. Getting us to an identity and set of brand behaviours that were true, unique and immensely exciting.”

Luke Tipping, Creative Director Atlantic Records.

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