Atlantic Records

We worked with Atlantic Records to develop the strategy and website design. Playing in the lines of code between entertainment and technology. Injecting renewed energy to an icon.

A balance between order and chaos. Ever-evolving site that is of the times and in real-time. An intent to create a space to inspire and aspire.

Communicating the IRL experience of the label to the URL.

Some of our favourite integrations were the mobile device motion and orientation feature, which used gyroscopic data to develop the idea that the user has a physical effect on the digital environment of the landing page.

Admins can select multiple YouTube videos to celebrate front and centre. The Instagram scraper, as we call it, takes live inputs from the diverse world of Atlantic artists.


Brand Strategy, Web Design

“Ever-evolving site that is of the times and in real-time.”
“A balance between order and chaos”
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