Collective Bikes is an eclectic family of riders with big visions and a global mindset.

Our full rebrand provides the crest of a relentless and focused spirit.

‘Our approach was to embed ourselves in the biking community, talking to the individuals and institutions that revolve and interact with the bike life movement—an ongoing practice of qualitative research to understand what’s at the core of this family and what unites them.’

Inspired by the wheelie move, the logo embodies this forward-moving drive.
A carefree ambition.
One that symbolises a triple-A pass to a life in cycling.

A place where navigation is the inspiration.
A place where work is done with a smile.
A place accepting of all.


Brand Identity, Brand Strategy, Business Growth, Product Naming, Verbal Identity

A Triple-A-Pass to a life in cycling.

“A place where navigation is the inspiration.”

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